Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Keepsake Card Forever Framed

Some greeting cards are just too special to hide away in a box. I adore this one from a loved one. So when I redecorated our master bathroom in pinks, rose and sage green, I thought of it. I repainted a frame I already had, it was a really dull off white. I wanted an imperfect "white washed" look, only in green. Then I gave it a couple of clear coats to seal it and give it a little shine.

This is the front of the card, a beautiful little embossed cyclamen, one of my favorite flowers. One problem with it was that it's leaves were not the right shade of green. So I painstakingly painted over them using a fine paintbrush and acrylic paint.

Another problem with the card was that it was a little short to fit in the frame. I remedied that by layering and gluing two strips of ribbon over the edges to fill the gap at top and bottom.

I chose two colors of satin picot ribbon, that matched the card, to add extra interest.

A two toned, satin ribbon bow is tacked to the wall separately from the frame. I wanted the ribbon to be loose and free rather than pulled flat against the wall.

Now every time I see it, I think of the loved one who sent it to me.


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