Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pretty Patriotic Poochie

Introducing Holly, our Schnoodle-doodle!

Schnoodle-doodle because she is a Mini Schnauzer with Poodle cut ears, (or because she makes little doodles for us every day). She is modeling her favorite Fourth of July skirt and American flag. I made the skirt for her so she could strut her stuff proudly at the 4Th of July parades.

She is almost 12 years old, but certainly doesn't act her age. Most of the time she is bright eyed and bushy tailed. She loves to play, go for walks and perform tricks for treats! (but that's another holiday for which she also has several outfits!)

Sometimes Holly gets an up-do hairstyle by tying her ears together with a hair scrunchie. She can proudly wave her flag as she trots down the sidewalk, when I slip it through the scrunchie.

The skirt has two layers of very patriotic stars & stripes fabric. The fabric glitters in the July sun, especially the tiny silver stars. I measured and cut two long rectangles of fabric, one narrower than the other, and both twice Holly's waist measurement. I sewed each piece together at the ends and hemmed up the bottom edges. Next I layered the two skirts together and sewed a casing to thread elastic through to fit around Holly's tummy. 

Last I hand sewed on a tiny little American flag embroidered patch.

When she wears her pretty skirt, I tie a red, white and blue ribbon around her neck to finish this summer holiday ensemble.

We're pretty sure she knows she's cute and loved, she has her special way of looking at us to get whatever she wants!

I entered Holly's ensemble in the CSI project contest!


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  1. I adore your dogs patriotic spirit. It is red, white and bluetiful!

    I hope you'll stop by for my bbq on an Anthropologie inspired white tablecloth. :)